Family pass

A price for all

The Family Pass offers the same advantages as the 7 day pass, including unlimited access to the entire mountain, at a discounted price for families of 4, 5 or more!


Make the most of your Purely SUTTON ski experience every day of the 2019-2020 season without exception and get an avalanche of advantages!


Mont SUTTON has greatly improved its offer to families in the past few years, with the addition of a family zone, a magic carpet, a beginner’s park, a daycare, specialized programs, etc. 



Taxes extra / family

Do the math! This is the maximum amount you will pay per family


  • All direct family* members must reside at the same address (principal residence only). A proof of residency (official identifications) will be required at the photo session for all members.


  • Children must be 25 years old or under, please take note that children aged 18 to 25 must be full time students to be eligible for the family pass (an official student identification card validating full-time student status is required to have picture taken).


*DIRECT FAMILY: spouses with their dependant legitimate and/or adopted children.


Enjoy Purely SUTTON skiing all season long with no restriction and get many exclusive privileges with your 7-Day Unlimited season pass!

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