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We hear more and more about it, but many nature lovers have been enjoying this sport for a long time already. Ski touring requires a certain amount of cardio-vascular and muscular effort, involving several antagonistic muscles during the ascent on the trails and during the descent on the ski slopes, so it is a very complete and balanced sport.


Another reason why the sport is so attractive is the easy access to escape in the wilderness, to breathe the fresh air of the forest and recharge your batteries; just a few meters in the climbing circuit and you will find yourself emerging in an enchanting universe like a snowy frost garden, in the paths traced between the trees sheltered from the winds, while being close to the ski slopes. Mont SUTTON is legendary for its glades and its omnipresent nature throughout the ski area which is a south-after location for alpine touring!


Rando-Ski or alpine touring is often associated with an exhausting expedition requiring specialized equipment, which may seem inaccessible to some, whereas in reality alpine touring is accessible to all and it is also a very good way to work on your cardio and get in shape.


At Mont SUTTON, it is easy to get started by opting for the 0.5 km initiation circuit, just perfect to allow beginners to get familiar with the alpine touring equipment with climbing skins.


It is not necessary to have boots or poles specially designed for alpine touring, those who wish to use their boots can also use regular ski boots paired with the alpine touring ski rental. The Mont SUTTON rental center offers the rental of alpine touring equipment for half a day (full equipment at 45$ + t. or skis only at 15$ + t.) and full day (full equipment at 55$ + t. or skis only at 20$ + t.).


The beginner level circuit is 1.5 km long and lasts about an hour. It then exit near chairlift 1 and you can ski back down the beginner or intermediate level ski slopes. Those with a good cardio level can choose to continue their ascent, towards the summit until the exit at the very top of the circuit trail between chairlifts V and VII, to discover grandiose landscapes of infinite beauty like nowhere else.


This complete circuit lasts about 2 hours and 15 minutes over 3.8 km of ascent with a vertical climb of 460m, giving access to the entire ski area and extreme level ski slopes as well as the option of skiing back down via the Alleghanys, which is a beginner’s level trail. The Alleghanys also leads to the Chalet Alt. 840 M with its outdoor terrace and panoramic view of the Sutton Green Mountains nature reserve; the ideal place to rehydrate, eat and relax in a warm atmosphere near the central fireplace. It also would be good to change wet thermal underwear for dry clothes and put on a down coat or a thermo ball coat under the shell coat.



More advanced skiers can shorten their ascent and choose to exit at Exit 2 of the alpine circuit trail. This exit provides access to the sector giving access to the extreme level tree skiing trails.


Before leaving on an alpine touring ski trip, please check the opening status of the trails and trails on the day of your visit, some trails and/or exits may be closed.


Skiers can repeat the tour as many times as desired during the day allowing for descents on various ski trails and variable terrain. Please note that in the intermediate-expert circuit, snow conditions, temperature and the degree of difficulty of the terrain may vary.



It is forbidden to use climbing skins on the alpine ski slopes except in the section of the initiation circuit along the Yum-Yum trail. Please also take note of the safety rules in order to fully enjoy your alpine touring experience.


The starting point of the alpine touring circuit is from the main chalet Alt. 400 m. where you can also buy a day ticket at the cost of 10$ + t. and get the trail map at the customer service counter.


For those who fall in love with alpine touring and wish to purchase their own equipment, the Boutique Expérience SUTTON at the foot of the slopes, offers a vast selection of skis, bindings, boots, climbing skins, ski clothing and backpacks… specifically for alpine touring!


The Rando-Ski season pass sold at 50$ + t. is valid at all times when the alpine trails circuits are open and current season 5 or 7-Day unlimited SUTTON season pass holders can get free access to alpine touring trails.


Alpine touring, definitely a #PurementSUTTON experience!



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