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The SUTTTON Ski Club is affiliated to the Zone de ski de l’Estrie, Ski Quebec Alpine and the Canadian Ski Association.


The SUTTON Ski Club sees to the organization and management of any Regional and Provincial races hosted at Mont SUTTON.


Competitions are organized only with the close cooperation of both Mont SUTTON and the ski patrol.

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The SUTTON Ski Club develops education programs, training programs and development programs for skiers of 7 years and over. The Club aims to develop, refine and optimize the technical and physical abilities of skiers through rigorous training on snow and participation in Regional and Provincial competitions.


The mission of the SUTTON Ski Club is to inspire its athletes to strive for excellence, to show them the importance of setting goals, to achieve them as a team or individually, and to fulfill their potential through skiing and competition. All of this, whether in defeat or victory.



Programs are designed to complement Snow School activities. Young athletes interested in joining the Club will be required to attend a qualifying camp. Camps are typically held in the spring around mid-March.


In-season basic training takes up 5.5 hours per weekend day, in addition to the Christmas Camp. Typically the on-snow programs start in December and run through the end of March.


Methods used include the leaded ski periods, educative layouts, gate training, video detect and correct technical session, as well as sessions on ski preparation and maintenance.


In addition to the development of technical skills, participation in club activities encourages the development of team spirit, cooperation and camaraderie.

Category # of days of Competitions
7-8 yrs old (I1) 3
9-10 yrs old (I2) 5
11-12 yrs old (K1) 6
13-14 yrs old (K2) 8
15 yrs old + (Cadet) 12 +



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