Every weekend

From January 06 2019 to April 01 2019

Take advantage of our demo days to try new skis for free and discover new types of skis, along with new feelings on the slopes. Trying out a new kind of ski is like discovering a whole new skier inside oneself!


Every weekend, from early January to mid-March, come meet our very own Boutique Expérience Demo Team and sample the latest and greatest ski gear on snow! Rain or shine, they’re out on our front deck with music, ambiance and our entire fleet for you to sample on the slopes. The demo card, valid for 3 days, is available at the ski shop at $25+ tax. Exceptionally from this March 20th until the end of the season, demos are free for SUTTON season pass holders. Please take note you are able to try the skis for 3 runs. Fill up the form now to enter the demos.


When you participate in the demos, you get a chance to win a stay at Big White, British-Columbia!


Valid government-issued ID OR valid Mont SUTTON season pass required. Credit card also required.


Stay connected to know what dates our partners will be hosting demos during the season!


You can also try our skis on weekdays for a fee ($45 for 4 hours, $75 for an entire day) this option allows you to try as many skis as you want during your selected timeframe. This amount is fully refundable towards purchase of skis (purchase must occur within 24hours of the demo for a maximum of $75). Reservations are recommended.