Top 5 Adrenaline Rush Moments

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Need a challenge that matches your skills? Mont SUTTON has the perfect playground to allow you to enjoy 100% of the physical benefits. Experience a 360° ski-experience with many options offered. Ski magnificent glades, enjoy the rush with different trails to test your limits and provoke your senses at unforgettable events! What better to get your daily dose of adrenaline? This week, we are presenting you our top 5 must-try adrenaline rush experiences where emotions are at the rendezvous!
1. Excel in Expert Tree Skiing Slopes

Mont SUTTON is renowned for its tree skiing area and its large gladed terrain for every level. If you want to raise the bar and challenge yourself, a few must-tries are the Bou-Bou, the Crocodile or even the Entonnoir! No matter what high performance ground you prefer, SUTTON is the ski area you need to push your limits and to dry your teeth. Because hitting these glades all day with a smile will certainly do the job!



2. Sharpen your Skills in the Snow Park


Recently moved on the ABC ski trail under chairlift III, the snow park offers many natural and recycled modules and obstacles to allow skiers and snowboarders to perform tricks. From now on, it’s a 750 meter playground. Push your limits and defy gravity! Many activities and events will be organized in the snow park all season long. What’s better than a good adrenaline rush between friends?



3. Enjoy an Unforgettable Alpine Touring adventure


Another “Purely SUTTON” adrenaline rush to experience at least once in a lifetime is to enjoy an alpine touring hike. The journey might make you sweat but you will definitely have something to be proud of as you reach the summit. What a good way to earn your turns down your favorite ski trail… and your après-ski beverage! It’s a unique experience to fully live the pleasures winter has to offer! You need equipment to start this challenge? Skis and climbing skins are available for rental at the repair shop. To complete your equipment, visit the Rental center to rent regular ski boots and poles. It is preferable to reserve since quantities are limited. And for more explanations about alpine touring, stop by our Ski Shop where our experts will answer all your questions!


4. Try Out High Performance Demo Skis


A good way to see what you’re made of is to try new things. Our Boutique Expérience Demo Center allows you to try trendy equipment and test your adaptability. Trying out a new kind of ski is like discovering a whole new you! Test your limits and live a new ski experience: test skis that fit you like they have been made expressly for you! Are you ready to take on this challenge? Come meet our experts on the deck every weekend, from early January to mid-March, so you can discover new equipments that best suit your needs. It’s also possible to visit the Boutique during the week to sample the latest ski gear on the slopes.


5. Have fun at the Snow on the Beach


This year’s edition of the Snow on the Beach will be held on Saturday April 7. The festive and tropical vibe of this pond skimming event contrasts nicely with the spring snow. This event is filled with costumes, fun, splashes and palm trees. A great combination to put a smile on everyone’s face! The cold water will certainly give you an adrenaline rush… In fact, trying to cross the lake on your skis or on your snowboard is not an easy task! Will you cross it without getting wet? Come and find out!

Make your next ski trip a memorable one. Enjoy each Purely SUTTON challenge our slopes have to offer. Partake in a well deserve après-ski experience. There’s no better way to end the day. So what will be your next purely SUTTON challenge?

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