Call of Valhalla… a team building obstacle race!

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A new of a kind obstacle race arrives this summer at Mont SUTTON. You would like to know more? We asked a few questions to Mathieu Gibert, Race Director.

Where does the idea for Call of Valhalla comes from?

The idea comes from my experience in the French Special Operations Forces. Just like the selections and trainings in these elite units, I wanted to create an activity where participants would use their physical AND intellectual skills.


What is unique in this race?

You have to be in a team of 3 to 4 to complete this race where no obstacle can be crossed alone. The obstacles are conceived to call on all abilities: concentration, balance, dexterity, and coordination. Every decision counts: it could let you save energy or lose your strength. It’s the first challenge combining obstacle race and escape game.


What also make Call of Valhalla unique are the efforts we put in the environmental and local aspects to organize our event:

  • The obstacles are mainly made with non-treated wood that comes from Farnham.
  • The M&F paint we used is made in Laval.
  • The t-shirts offered to participants are made in organic cotton made in Lac Drolet (Ethica).
  • The soap for the showers at the end of the race is biodegradable.
  • All participants will receive a NAAK energy bar, a ReKarb gel and a GURU organic energy drink. They all are companies from Québec.



Who can enter the race?

Everyone 14 and over.

How should the participants train before the race?

Some running and muscular reinforcement to enjoy the adventure at 200%!

What is included in the registration price?

The access to the race, a t-shirt, 2 energy bars, an energy drink and a medal.



You would like to get involve? Call of Valhalla is looking for volunteers! Get a free access to a race and other advantages, in addition to be first in row to support the participants when you become a volunteer. Visit Call of Valhalla’s website for all the details.


Come try this new race on June 17 and 18 at Mont SUTTON, we are waiting for you!




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