5 Purely SUTTON Must-Try Experiences to Unplug

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With skis on the roof rack, the scenic drive to Mont SUTTON already feels like a vacation. Everyone is excited to gather on the slopes to forget about everyday worries. Happiness fills everyone’s heart when the mountain appears on the horizon. It definitely looks like it’s going to be a great day to enjoy winter sports!. The mountain offers many ways to experience a stress relief stay, with its fun slopes, its charming double chairlifts and its gourmet delights. At the end of the day, you will not want to leave! Here is our last Purely SUTTON top 5 blog article of the season, where our favorite ways to unplug are on the spotlight.
1. Glide Down the Alleghanys

To ski the longest slope on the mountain will allow you to contemplate the beauties of nature. The Alleghanys starts at the highest point on the mountain and criss-crosses through magnificent sceneries and ends at the foot of chairlift I. Ski peacefully while getting benefits for both your body and mind. This slope, of an intermediate level at the top and an easy level from Alt. 680 m to the bottom, offers a beautiful view of the area. Just before you reach the top of chairlift II, a lookout offers an astonishing view, but you will be amazed throughout your descent by the beauty of the Alleghanys.



2. Enjoy the Tranquillity on east side of the mountain

For a quiet moment on the slopes, head to the chairlift I and Iw area. With your mind at rest, make the most of the great snow conditions offered by the less crowded slopes. Many glades are located in this area and are perfect to initiate oneself to this type of terrain or simply to contemplate magnificent landscapes. This area is clearly a hidden treasure!



3. Relax in One of the Double Chairlifts

The iconic double chairlifts at Mont SUTTON add to the charm of the ski resort with their retro style. They are very comfortable and allow a relaxing break between two descents. Most of the double chairlifts are located in the easiest area of the mountain. However, you can also reach more advanced terrain by taking chairlift V or IVw, just sit back with your beloved one and admire the enchanting scenery that stands in front of you as you ascend to the summit. What a good way to free your mind!


4. Discover the Petit Tucker

To see skiers and snowboarders hit the slopes, the Petit Tucker is one of the best places on the mountain. Located on the first floor of the Chalet Alt. 400 m, this coffee counter offers a relaxed and warm atmosphere. To unwind in the morning or for an afternoon break, sit at one of the bistro tables and enjoy a pastry, scone, brownie or cookie from a local Bakery. Many types of specialized coffee are offered such as expressos, cappuccinos, lattes, all made with high quality organic and fair trade coffee! Our coffees are also available with soy milk, so everyone can enjoy them! Make sure you try our Liege waffles cooked on site; your tastes buds will thank you!


5. Spend the night

To truly unplug, plan to stay in one of the cozy lodgings the region has to offer during your visit at Mont SUTTON. The Ski and Stay Weekday packages will allow you to escape your routine. These packages include lodging, breakfast and a day and a half of skiing at Mont SUTTON. They are also available for two nights and two days and a half of skiing. This well-deserved ski holiday will allow you to be the first on the slopes to make the most of it! Valid even during spring break, local shuttle included!


There are tons of ways to unplug at Mont SUTTON. Share with us your favorite SUTTON experience to free your mind!
Also share your pictures of your unplugged moments on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by using the hashtag #PurementSUTTON. You could win ski tickets!
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